Art Supply Hack: Use This Instead of Paint Brushes

Art Supply Hack - Use this instead of paint brushes for your mixed media journal.

Call me weird but I’m not a big fan of paint brushes. I enjoy abstract art and using paint brushes often makes everything feel too intentional and uniform.

Years ago I came across this idea to use these simple objects instead. I love the effect it gives and I often find myself choosing to use these over the traditional paint brush.

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Horse Mixed Media Canvas

A quick and easy horse mixed media canvas with video.

I am so excited for 2017! 2016 held a lot of health woes for myself and I’m hoping this year I can get a handle on this thing.

Anywho, I made this canvas a few weeks ago and recorded the process thinking I would add it to an online course on mixed media canvases but I decided to hold off on that course for now but still wanted to share the video.

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A Fresh Start

With the new year starting shortly it felt like a good time to give the space a bit of a freshening up. The old posts are still here just hiding a little, if you are looking for something in particular you can find it by searching on the right.

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